Reflections on the Beauty I see in Science and Math

Mattimoe_Parts of the Sum

Parts of the Sum






The English Paper Piecing of my high school dreams evolved to celebrate the plant cells of my biochemistry studies. 


Watch a YouTube Artist's Talk on Parts of the Sum here.




Mattimoe_Parts of the Sum_Detail

Parts of the Sum Detail


Creation of The Mobious Lace




I fortunately stumbled into a lace apprenticeship with a tutor that seriously clicked with me and understood where I would probably go with my lace making.  I studied with Sue W. every Sunday for about a year, focusing on Torchon style bobbin lace. Torchon lace features a linear grid structure with a geometric design.  Overall, it is a simple lace style.  I find this simplicity facilitates exploration of complex ideas and modeling.
I love topology and the intersection/possibilities to explore these relations found in traditional bobbin lacemaking.  The Möbius Strip is a one sided surface in Euclidean space with one boundary.  They can also be chiral or handed.  
My Möbius Lace creation reflects on the infinite and instant idea of time. There is the grand overall net structure comprised of many instances and discrete occurrences.  Each occurrence utilizes the twists and stitches of the Torchon lace, creating a fractal relationship between the whole unit and the base unit.



The Möbius Lace